This extension - easy access to chats, simple and reliable, perfect solution for you

Telegram Messenger for Google Chrome

This is an excellent extension which in an easy way gives access to your Telegram account on your desktop computer

What you need to know

By clicking on the icon opens the popup window which displays all of your chats and settings. It's simple , we decided to not complicate the procedure of interaction with your account. You get a simple and reliable access to the official desktop version of Telegram in your browser, regardless of which page you are on. It's fast, it's convenient, it's always at hand when you work with Chrome.

On the extension icon will be displayed notification of incoming messages. Well, it's just necessary. This feature will not let you miss any message or event.

What is convenient:
• Full Telegram client right in the pop-up menu of the Chrome browser.
• Notifies you every time something happens in your Telegrams.
• You can adjust the window size and color of notifications.

Note, please: We are independent developer, this is not an official extension of Telegram. This extension is a wrapper to the original Telegram and tries to make it usable as a Chrome extension and exists to improve the user experience. We know that there is a lot of Telegram extensions in The Chrome Webstore which do not working. Our extension differs from others in that it works without fails.